Sunday, April 19, 2009

colors of the year

The colors of the year are red, purple and mustard. I find these colors very bright and colorful. Red is a sexy and seductive color. While purple is very elegant and sophiticated color. Yellow on the other hand expresses brightness. Everywhere in the clothes department are of these colors.
I've noticed that silk are still in and also trenchcoats are super in. I like to wear trenchcoats because it doesn't only give you a sophisticated look but you can use it for cold or rainy days or use it as a top for your office attire. You can wear it alone as a whole piece with belt and boots and you'd look chic on it. Silk or metallic clothes also give a very elegant,sophisticated and class look. You don't need to accessorize because you'll already look glam in it. These are the must haves for the season.

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